Frequently Asked Questions
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Order Confirmation Email

1. What is my Download ID and what does it entitle me to download?
2. How long or how many times can I use the download link in my email?
3. Can I download software to more than one computer?
4. Will I continue to receive my software products on disk?

Download Page

1. Why do I need to agree to the "End User License Agreement"?
2. Are all products available for download?
3. Can I download an older version of a software product?
4. Is the software I download identical to the software I receive on disk?
5. Can I download patches, firmware, product add-ons, etc. from the download page without downloading the product?
6. Are the optional downloads I select and download with my product installed automatically?
7. Can I download multiple products simultaneously?
8. Why are some items marked as Not Available?
9. Can I queue multiple downloads?
10. What do I do when I receive "Unable to access your user profile data"?
11. What do I do when I receive "Unable to Save Basket Info"?
12. Where can I find additional information about download basket?

Software Updates

1. When I enter my serial number and company name, I am told that I do not qualify for an update?
2. Why is the "type ahead" performance slow when I search for text or catalog numbers in PCDC?

Download Manager

1. Which web browsers and operating systems are supported by the Download Manager ?
2. What do I do if my web browser or operating system version is not supported?
3. What languages are supported by the Download Manager?
4. How do I install the Download Manager?
5. What is the default download folder?
6. Can I change the download folder?
7. What is the difference between Managed Download and Direct Download?
8. Are there extra steps with a Direct Download?
9. What do I do if there are multiple files in a Direct Download?
11. How do I find my files after the download is complete?
12. Why don’t I see files being downloaded to the download folder while the download is in progress?
13. How do I know when the download is complete?
14. How do I know if there were any errors during the download? What do I do if an error occurs?
15. My product was downloaded to a folder based on a naming convention. How do I interpret the folder name?
16. Do I need a third-party program to decompress or extract the files I download?
17. What does "click here if you are using a third party desktop download manager" mean?
18. My download is slow. How do I make it go faster?
19. How do I restart my download after a lost network connection, power failure, or some other problem?
20. How do I stop a download already in progress?
21. The computer I want to install my download on does not have an Internet connection. How do I move my download to another computer?

Registration and Activation

1. Does my existing license and activation work with newer versions of software?
2. Do I still have to activate my software after downloading?
3. How do I activate my software?
4. Do I have to remove my activation first before I update my software?
5. Can I activate with a master disk?
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